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With a total of 132 units, the Porsche Design residential tower will have 3 unique drive-in lifts, platform lifts, which will allow owners drive their vehicles into them. Using sensor and controls, these lifts/platforms will then take the owners and their cars to the respective floors and individual apartments, all of which have been allotted separate parking garages. This will ensure a smooth access between the residential premises and parking spaces, without being an obstacle to any other resident around.
Talking of the properties, each of the 132 units are ultra-luxury modern set ups, a majority of which remained to be tailored to owners specifications. With miles of open ocean-front view, and size options ranging from 3,800-9,500 sq ft, the lucky home owners will have their private apartments in strict accordance to the styling ethos of Porsche Design brand (X-series gas grill and Porsche baby stroller are prime examples). The building however, stands over a space of 2.2 acres, giving ample space to be utilized for designing. After all, Dezer Properties and Porsche are known as entities with modernism and aesthetics as a part of their DNA. However, to buy one of these apartments, one has to shell out between $2.5 million and $9 million each, depending on size and customization.

Type: Condo, Pre-construction

Prices: $2,500,000 to $9,000,000
Delivery: January 2014 (estimated)
Sizes: 3,800 to 9,500 sq feet
Bedrooms: 3 to 5
Waterfront: Ocean
Pets: Yes
Rent: Yes
Total Units: 132
Number of Stories: 57


· Pool
· Spa
· Fitness Center
· Beach
· Club House
· Billiard
· Library
· Security
· Valet 
· Concierge
· Bar
· Business Center/ Conference Room
· Front Desk
· Storage 
· Property Management
· Cyber Center
· 24 hour guard
· Elevator

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